Etiquette Presentations

The most effective etiquette presentation is a customized one. Maria Everding tailors her programs to fit the needs and objectives of her clients.

Maria Everding has been an etiquette consultant and presenter in the academic setting for many years, customizing her presentations to focus on the special needs of business school students, college seniors, MBA students, sororities, fraternities, and athletic teams. Maria Everding’s college presentations have been sought after by institutions nationwide and many professors make student attendance a requirement for the courses they teach.

Good manners apply to everyone in the workplace, regardless of individual job function. The old rules of etiquette have changed. Business etiquette has become more lenient, but it is not lax. Technology is here to stay and we have to learn how to cope without being rude. Women are at every level of the workplace. The guideline is protocol, not gender.

The young professional with self-esteem becomes the senior executive with confidence and a positive self image.

Regardless of organization or audience size, Maria Everding will engage, inspire and motivate the participants.

From a dining tutorial to a keynote, these witty and highly acclaimed presentations are given in their entirety by Maria Everding. Her goal is to create a professional image that reflects positively upon each individual.


Children’s Manners Programs

prettyPretty As A Picture: a course in Manners, Poise and Style for young ladies

Maria Everding saw the need for a program where young ladies could develop poise and confidence during their formative years. The Pretty As A Picture course was carefully designed to address a wide range of topics and situations in an enjoyable classroom setting.

In September 1982, the first Pretty AS A Picture session was offered at Saks Fifth Avenue in St. Louis, MO There were 37 students in 3 classes. One year later, there were 210 students in seven classes. Since that time, thousands of young ladies have taken the Pretty As A Picture course throughout the United States and Mexico.

An etiquette course for teens as well as manners for young men were soon added to the children’s programs created and developed by Maria Everding. La Jeunesse and Savvy Socializing were developed for high school freshmen. She also created various cotillions and a program for the Girl Scouts of America as well as The Ritz Kids Etiquette for Today for the Ritz Carlton Hotel in St. Louis, MO.

In her years teaching children’s manners programs, Maria Everding found that parents believe teaching manners is an integral part of parenting, However, the influence of another voice often conveys the common courtesies that parents try to teach their children. Parents know that children and teens are more receptive to guidance from a friend/confidante/teacher than from a parent.

After 22 years of creating, developing and teaching children’s manners programs, and Pretty As A Picture reaching national prominence, Maria Everding sold the children’s portion of her business.

As part of the training and certification class, all participants will receive training on children’s manners courses. Manners are more important today than ever before.