Dining Etiquette Tutorial

Have you ever dreaded the company dinner party because your idea of dining out is driving through a fast food restaurant? Or because at a crowded table you don’t know which water glass is yours?

Traditionally, table manners were taught at the table every single day but not any more!

Whether you have been taught and want a refresher to build confidence, Ray Angle’s dining etiquette tutorial will put you at ease in any situation.

The length of the presentation is about 1-1/2 hours and covers everything from extending the invitation and who sits where to ordering wine and tipping.

A dining tutorial can be as few as three courses or as many as six or seven. If asked, Ray Angle will make suggestions to the chef and work with the waitstaff to be sure this will be a memorable experience.

You will become more confident at any meal whether as a host or guest at home or in a restaurant.

The BBC completed a documentary in May, 2005 tracing Charles Dickens steps throughout the United States. Since one of Dickens’ stops was St. Louis, MO the BBC contacted The Etiquette Institute Founder and President Emeritus, Maria Everding, to film one of her business etiquette dining tutorials with actress Miriam Margoyles participating. Charles Dickens felt that Americans had terrible manners. He might have felt differently if he had participated in one of The Etiquette Institute’s dining tutorials.  The taping took place at Webster University in St. Louis and aired in London in May 2005 – and on the PBS after that.