About Maria Everding

Social etiquette and manners are not mere words to Maria Everding – they are a way of life. As a consultant on social and business etiquette, Maria Everding is an internationally recognized authority in her field and a sought-after speaker. She is president emeritus and founder of The Etiquette Institute where adults are trained and certified to become etiquette consultants. She has trained and certified individuals from all over the world.

maria_everdingMaria Everding is often quoted in newspapers and magazines nationwide as well as a frequent guest on radio and television shows including KMOX in St. Louis; ABC’s Good Morning America, National Public Radio and the British Broadcasting Company. In 1982 Maria created and developed the Pretty As A Picture course in manners, poise, and style for young ladies. After 22 years, and reaching national prominence, she sold her children’s programs in 2004.

Maria authored several etiquette books: Pretty As A Picture: A Guide to Manners, Poise and Style for young ladies, The Ritz Kids Etiquette for Today, I Have Manners from A to Z and Panache That Pays, for the college senior and young professional. Her past experiences include having a column in St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles as well as Kansas City Bride and Groom Magazines.

Maria Everding was the recipient of the first outstanding alumna award from Patricia Stevens College. She’s often referred to as “Saint Louis’ First Lady of Manners.”

Maria’s Etiquette Publications

Maria Everding announced the publication of Panache That Pays on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Panache That Pays is fun, concise, easy reading.

Forget lengthy, traditional etiquette books with their rigid stylized rules that drag on for 700 pages and are written for people already in the workplace. Panache That Pays is written for the college senior and the young professional – the “new kid on the block” who needs more than a degree and a knowledge of who’s who to get where he or she is going. Panache That Pays will guide and direct the recent college graduate, who is academically qualified, but lacks the necessary people skills to survive in the real world.

Alphabetized by topic for quick reference and illustrated with cartoons to add humor, Panache That Pays is a concise 133 pages of fun, easy reading. Panache That Pays is filled with today’s solid business etiquette basics – yet is small enough to fit into a briefcase, a coat pocket, or even under a pillow! Panache That Pays (ISBN 0-9617665-1-4) is currently unavailable with an updated version planned for release in late 2021.

Reviews and Comments

Panache That Pays is practical advice for everyday living.”
—Peggy Post, Emily Post Institute

Panache That Pays … a lighthearted guide that’s far from being a traditional, preachy etiquette book.”
—St. Louis Post Dispatch





Maria Everding also authored Pretty As A Picture – A Guide 

to Manners, Poise & Style for Young Ladies, the accompaniment to the popular Pretty As A Picture course. This book is no longer in print since the program was sold in 2004.





I Have Manners from A to Z is a shared effort of Trenetta Robertson and Maria Everding to create a book for young ladies and gentlemen that is fun and energizing, while teaching them basic social skills.  I Have Manners from A to Z focuses on knowing the proper way to handle a social situation and the confidence it brings. Arranged alphabetically for quick and easy reference, this is the ideal guidebook for today’s youth.