Etiquette Training & Certification

The Etiquette Institute was founded by Maria Everding, a native Saint Louisan, in 1982 for the purpose of training and certifying adults to teach business, social, college and children’s etiquette programs. People from all over the world, 18 countries to date, have been trained and certified at The Etiquette Institute.

Classes are kept small and personalized. Rules of etiquette may not be new but they have evolved with the times and the technology. At The Etiquette Institute you will be taught what to teach and how to teach it.

Individuals who apply for training generally have the desire to have their own consulting business whether it be to teach children, adults or both. Etiquette consulting is fun and profitable. It is a great opportunity for a stay at home parent, a retiree, an entrepreneur, or someone looking for a fulfilling career change.

Corporations and professional organizations send staff to The Etiquette Institute because it leads to bottom-line profitability. The in-house etiquette consultant can address the needs of employees, enhance sales training and orientation programs for new hires, bring the seasoned executive up to date on the changing nuances of business etiquette, as well as circumvent the flaws that could be fatal to a key player.

Universities and colleges are finding it cost effective to have a career services professional or faculty member trained and certified to give presentations, dining tutorials and the opportunity to work with students to give them the competitive edge.

This certification course consists of two days of intense, but fun training.
Included on the first day are lunch and a seven course fine dining tutorial that evening. The second day includes the final business etiquette training, lunch and training for the children’s programs.

Also included are copies of Maria Everding’s etiquette books, manuals, visuals and handouts, access to a dvd of an actual presentation, a c-d of a slide presentation and more.

Topics include, but are not limited to verbal communication, visual communication and social business etiquette. This training qualifies for continuing professional education.

Certification through The Etiquette Institute gives immediate credibility. In addition, all consultants become lifetime members of The Etiquette Institute, without a fee. One to one mentoring with Maria Everding is available for as long as the consultant wants it, without a fee.

There are no restricted territories, contracts to sign or residuals to The Etiquette Institute or to Maria Everding.