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Panache That Pays by Maria Everding
Maria EverdingThe Etiquette Institute is an international organization dedicated to teaching contemporary manners according to the standards of traditional etiquette and the guidelines set forth in The Etiquette Institute's course of study.

The Etiquette Institute was founded by Maria Everding for the purpose of training and certifying adults to teach business, social, college, and children's etiquette programs as well as the popular dining etiquette tutorial.

Universities, corporations, and professional organizations send staff to The Etiquette Institute to be trained and certified because it is cost effective and leads to bottom-line profitability. Individuals also attend in order to start their own etiquette consulting/coaching businesses.

The certification course consists of two days of intense, but fun training. Included on the first day are lunch and a seven course fine dining tutorial that evening. The second day includes the final business etiquette portion, lunch and training to teach the children's programs.

There are no restricted territories, contracts to sign or residuals to The Etiquette Institute or to Maria Everding. Etiquette consultants may use the information given to them by The Etiquette Institute to develop their own programs.

After certification, consultants become members of The Etiquette Institute. There are no annual fees or dues to belong to The Etiquette Institute.

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